This is way fucking harder than it looks. Smiles and cheers on the surface; occasional boils of anger and weariness on the inside.

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There’s two types of anger one is dry and the other wet and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and I hate that cause I feel weak when I’m crying while angry I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger means you’re done.

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I feel so sick and maybe it’s the alc and the caffeine I’m drinking now or maybe it’s my lack of sleep these past couple of days or maybe it’s my breaking heart but I feel turning turmoil in my stomach and a crushing weight on my chest. 

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Be good to people. Even the shitty ones. Let the assholes be assholes. You’ll sleep better.
― Adam Gnade  (via theantiquated)

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I’ve been having a really hard time deciding how I feel about you. 

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